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Measure Fine-Tune Rinse And Repeat

Posted on 2/11/2011

 23 Degrees integrates measurement into every aspect of your project  from planning & delivery to technology, identity and marketing. Our ability to track project performance at an intricate level ensures that all dollars are working overtime to deliver  intended or above average results.

What We Deliver

Customized Measurement Plan & Scorecard.

Monthly Assessment & Recommendations.

Campaign Fine Tuning & Recalibration. 

Track Results
ensure strategy performance

Every dollar must work hard to deliver measurable results. Understanding the impact a campaign has on your bottom line will allow you to allocate dollars into the greatest areas of impact while cutting non performers.

Measurement Tools

Brand Profile

SLIM Project
Tracks and measures project performance.

Brand Profile

Web Analytics
Track Web site usage & performance.

Brand Profile

Social Media Insights
Track trends on the molecular level.


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