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Unique Solutions For Unique Situations

Posted on 6/14/2011

23 Degrees builds custom applications that are user friendly and meet best in class technology standards. Our solutions will allow your business to cost effectively scale and integrate with today's quickly changing interactive environment.

What We Deliver

Custom Web Applications that Drive Business Goals.

Integrated with Social Platforms.

Easy Content Maintenance and Delivery from the Web or Mobile Phone.


Building Block Technology
Driving Business Operations

23 Degrees develops small building block applications called "Web Apps". These apps fit together to perform complex operations allowing businesses to scale based on operational and market demands. Every project is a one-off utilizing only code developed in-house. This means a highly stable and secure solution, that by design, supports unique business requirements. 

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Technology Employed

Brand Profile

.net Platform
Building block application development.

Brand Profile

Enterprise Level
Business oriented application development.

Brand Profile

MS SQL Server
Self tuning enterprise level database server.


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